Friday, November 9, 2012

Chuggy Beans

Today, our little chocolate lab is getting spayed.  I hate for her to have to go through such a procedure, but I know it's necessary.  So, today I think back on the almost-year we've had her in our lives.  I'm so thankful for this crazy, pain in my butt, lovable dog.

When we first went to meet her, before she was ready to leave her dog-parents (Molly and Ranger), she was so tiny.  She also had her tongue permanently hanging out of her mouth, and eyes shut.  I thought for sure she would be a goof.

Blakely at 3 weeks old

We brought her home at 7 weeks old.  I rode in the backseat with her all the way home, which was about a 2 hour trip.  She did pretty good, until we pulled into the driveway, and promptly tossed her cookies all over me. :)

Blakely at 7 weeks, on the way home!

When we got her home, she wasn't much of a handful (at first).  She really slept all the time.  Her potty training days were only about 2 weeks long, she caught on super fast.  Labs are a really smart breed.  But, then she started growing, and getting teeth, and teething EVERYTHING.  And attacking our ankles when we walked by.  But, she was still pretty darn cute, through our battle wounds and all.

Blakely starts to teeth

If you are considering a lab, do your research on the breed first.  They are not for the couch potato, not in the least.  They need a ton of daily exercise.  When I say a ton, I mean that Blakely could swim and sniff all day and never tire.  Hubs and I aren't necessarily the couch potato type, and no amount of running, walking, chasing, tagging, fetching will truly wear out our Blakers.  She might not be worn out, but we are! So, keep that in mind when choosing a breed.  While absolutely adorable, they are over the top energetic and playful.  As tiring as it is, honestly I cannot imagine our crazy pooch with any other personality.

one of her first walks around the block

at puppy school- a must for labs

first time on Lake Murray, and one of the only times she has ever been exhausted

One of the wildest things to me about raising a dog is how fast they get gigantic.  At least with our girl this was the case.  I look back at her puppy pictures and can't believe I could ever pick her up, considering she is now 10 months old and over 100lbs.  Yeah...

little 5 month old Blakers, I couldn't dream of picking her up now

Remember how when we first met her, I thought she was going to turn out to be a goof?  I was right about that in more ways than one.

she still hasn't grown into those big ears

Another tid bit about labs, they like to be in your company, often always.  They are definitely pack animals and need to be around their owners.  Blakely absolutely hates being alone outside, and really prefers sitting with us in the living room, 24/7 if she could.


I can be good, see?

They are also good for big bear hugs (or what we call Blakely-bear hugs).....

........and great for Sunday snoozin'......

.....and they even make a nice pillow once in a while.

We love our stubborn, dominant, silly, big ol' goof of a girl.  As much trouble as she gets in (which is a lot), she more than makes up for it in moments like this...

Side note- B is out of surgery and resting comfortably.  =)  Here's to a speedy recovery for our little chuggy beans.


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