Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Music

So, I caved, hard.  HARD.  I've been pouring out the jingle bell related tunes for 2 days (ok, 4) now.  If I'm totally thankful for Christmas Music and your good ol' holiday jams, that counts towards Thanksgiving month, too, right?


Oh well, it's too late now.  I have a complete love fest over Rudolph and the like.  I have a few Pandora stations saved up just for such occasion that I should get on a whim for mistletoeing.  In no particular order of joyfulness, they are:

Michael Buble Holiday

Mariah Carey Holiday

Christmas Blues (I said I wasn't picking a favorite, but this is probably the best one)

Sinatra Holiday

I'm also really thankful for Christmas movies, but maybe that's for another day.  What are your go-tos?


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