Thursday, October 18, 2012

Football Girls in the South

OK, a friend of mine sent me these this morning and I thought- wow that's so true.  The culture of football in the south, especially among us women, and more precisely us SEC girls, is pretty spectacular.

While I'm not all of the  "real women watch football" mentality, I have to admit that I've been following my Gamecocks since a very young age, and my parents are to thank (blame?).  And seeing as I don't really enjoy cooking (like at all), this one made me crack up...

And this one is the absolute truth, at least at South Carolina.  We have to look cute while questioning the play book and screaming out our Saturday profanities (my hubs looked at me sideways last Saturday when I actually yelled out "FINISH HIM!" during the LSU game, oops).   It's a delicate balance southern girls execute to pearl-wearing high heeled perfection.   

And lastly, yes...  College football is a religion in the south.  We meet regularly (every Thursday or Saturday, depending on the week) at a holy place (the stadium) and have a religious experience (the game's outcome).  Oh, and do I really need to mention the amount of prayer involved here?   

So, if you're fortunate enough to be a woman of the south, you know that football has forever changed your life.


Jaclyn said...

I LOVE this post :) So true!!

kt said...

You crack me up bodie!

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