Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brass is Back?

When the hubs and I moved in, we decided to replace all of our door knobs/locks as any good new homeowner would.  At the moment I didn't know what direction I wanted to go in the future, so decided to stay in keeping with the rest of the interior doors and replace all exterior knobs/locks in the same antiqued brass finish.  Now that all my doors are black, I'm SO glad we did that.  I love the combo of a rusty gold and black together.

I've started looking at other ideas of incorporating more of this vintage brass look in our house.  I love mixing silver and gold, and think it looks so good if you have a lot of repetition of both metals throughout a space.  I'm thinking of bringing it to our kitchen.... 

Check out these Pinterest ideas:

I love the way modern brass hardware can update an old traditional style kitchen.  In contrast, I love the way antique brass hardware (like from an old dresser even) can make a new modern kitchen feel cozier. What do you think?  Trendy or classic?


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