Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I can't believe it has been 11 years since 2001.  For a lot of reasons, really.  My high school reunion has come and gone, my Carolina days now seem a blur of football games/late night Jimmy John's orders/and cramming to pull off a good grade on one more history exam, and it has been ten years since I've lived at home with my parents.  Wow.  It really does not seem long ago that I was lying awake in my old childhood bedroom looking around at boxes, crying my eyes out knowing I was moving out, and probably for good. (I'm actually not sure my parents even know that happened)

9/11 is a day we will all remember.  I remember exactly where I was when the news came on.  We were towards the end of Coach LeGrand's Psych 101 class when we heard the first tower was on fire.  I remember no one was sure what had happened yet, just knew that it was on fire and a plane had hit.  No one was thinking terrorist or anything like that in those moments.  By the time I took my seat in Mr. Schiferl's physics class, we watched in horror as the second plane struck.  I won't ever forget how quiet the whole class was.  No one knew what this meant for our country, who would do this, or what would be next.  Our principal came over the intercom, announcing the tragic event to an unbelieving student body and faculty, and asking for a moment of silence for New York City and for everyone boarded on the planes.

Then came the Pentagon.

Then the field.

Who could ever forget this day?  I am certain everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing.  And, I am certain everyone remembers the days that followed.  Everything was put on hold.  It was as if the entire world was in a permanent pause.  I remember the late night talk shows being postponed, special events being rescheduled, and even college football was put on standby.  (The very first NCAA game to resume after 9/11 was South Carolina v. Mississippi State in Starkville on 9/21.  The players donned American flags on their helmets and jerseys, and Carolina would go on to win 16-14.)

It was a country that put aside political differences.  A country that put aside petty Hollywood gossip.  And a country that left behind materialistic worries.  A country that united, mourned together, and persevered... together.  AMERICA.  God bless this country we live in.  God bless our military.  God bless the families that lost loved ones on that unforgettable day.

And thank you, God, that this great nation is now and always will be FREE.


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