Monday, August 20, 2012


I love music.  I always want it playing whether I'm washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning, or just sitting around looking at magazines.  I like it so much that my husband often times makes fun of me for it.  Like I have my own personal montage when music is playing.  I seriously do think it helps me get things done faster!

Everyone has those songs that take them back and make them feel a certain way.  Here are my top songs that make me feel something.  Not necessarily my "favorite" song list, but songs that speak to me.  You know, songs that take you to another place and time, completely change your state of mind... ( I needed a little help from Clint Black on that one ).

"Should've Been A Cowboy" Toby Keith

This will always make me think of high school and my closest girlfriends. We wore this song OUT, and to this day it takes me back to my hometown.

"Stagger Lee" Lloyd Price

From one of my favorite movies, Shag, and the song from hubs' and my first dance.

"Bringing Mary Home" Country Gentlemen

Growing up, my dad had a tape player in the ol' suburban, and one of the only tapes he carried around was the bluegrass band Country Gentlemen.  My favorite song on the tape as "Bringing Mary Home".  It's about a man who picks up a hitch hiking little girl to bring her home, and when he gets to her parents house, she is gone.  

"2001, Fight Song"  South Carolina Band (or the mighty sound of the southeast of course)
I was lucky enough to have parents that had season tickets to SC games.  So, every Saturday as a family we were at the stadium.  I think I started going to football games when I was around 4 or 5, and my parents had the same seats and tickets up until I was 26.  Crazy.  I literally grew up in those seats (west lower, section 6, row 41, seats 30-36.... or something close to that... ha)

"Part of that World" Little Mermaid

Total obsession with this movie and with Arial.  And I sang this song solo in 6th grade drama.  Look at this stuff, isn't it neat... 

"Edelweiss" The Sound of Music

My mom's favorite movie, and the soundtrack of my childhood.  Mom used to sing to me all of these songs, and on my wedding day I walked down the aisle to "Edelweiss".

"Music of the Night"... "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"... "The Phantom of the Opera"... "All I Ask of You"  or basically the entire soundtrack of The Phantom of the Opera 

I really did think I would grow up to be Christine.  Alas, that did not happen.  But, I do love some POTO.  I've seen it several times on Broadway, and each time it gets better! 

"Don't Take the Girl"  Tim McGraw  &  "Queen of the Night"  Whitney Houston

The first CDs I bought when I got my first CD Player! You know it!

"Songs About Rain" Gary Allan

I mean, who doesn't drink wine and cry with their roomates to sad country songs? Ha! My old roomie Kras and I did this quite often, we were such girls.

"Le Freak" Chic... "Space Jam" Quad City DJ's .... "Boom I Got Your Boyfriend"  MC Luscious... "Hey Mickey"  Toni Basil... "Slave" Britney Spears (and several other Spears wonders)... "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!" Mariah Carey 

Competitive cheerleading and dance.  I somehow can still remember most of these dances, too, ha. 

"Everybody Dance Now" C+C Music Factory... "Fancy"  Reba... "Thriller" MJ... "PYT" MJ... ok pretty much all MJ...  

DANCE, DANCE, and more DANCE!  All of these songs make me think of my tap/jazz/and hip-hop days! Glory days... 

What songs take you back?


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