Friday, June 1, 2012


June 1st! Where did this year go?  I know that's what everyone says, but seriously, I remember ringing in the new year.  Crazy how time really does slip by the older you get.  Unreal.  I remember elementary school thinking the school year lasted forEVER.  Now it seems the weeks just plow on through.

Since it is June now, and my THIRD wedding anniversary is coming up, I thought I would post on my bachelorette party today.  It was not your typical bachelorette with feather boa and suck-for-a-buck t-shirts.  My friends and I are anything but typical I guess, ha!  We were pirates.  Yes, that is right.  And not the sexy kind you see at Halloween. No.  The eye patch, sword sportin' type.

It started with my best friend Ashley's bachelorette back in 2007.  We decided Ash was not the feather boa, party dress type girl, so I decided what better way to be a bachelorette (or to be humiliated?) than in a pirate captain's hat with wedding veil?  And what better place to do so than in Charleston, SC

What I didn't know is that Ash's bachelorette party was just the beginning of a trend among my friends.  The next year, in 2008, Meredith donned the look (and the same hat):

(and we proceeded to leave our mark everywhere we went...)

And then in 2009, I did, too:

It was so neat to pass down the same hat & veil each time.  And, I have to admit, it really is fun to be a pirate, if only for a night.  :)


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