Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Update Needed

Wow, this post's title is two fold- update needed on this blog considering I haven't updated it in weeks, oops, and update needed in our circa 1980's master bath.  Yeah...

Unfortunately, I'm still in search of that money tree and it hasn't been growing in my back yard yet.  The roses are coming in fine, the weeds are dying, but still no tree sprouting the Benjamins.  Maybe I need a different fertilizer... In any event, the bathroom was, um, BORING before.  Totally neutral and not in the good way.  It was a muddy yellow color when we moved in, with all the 80's fixings.  Most of those accessories are still in tact (old light fixture, old faucets, old tile, etc.), but I knew I could make somewhat of a bang with some paint.  The rest will have to come in time... unless I do happen to get that tree a-growin'.

A few before shots before we moved in:

I think these listing photos speak for themselves.

And now:

New switch plates:

 New paint:

Abstract Art (Bodie Houston Gallery)

The colors are Glidden Dusty Miller (walls) and Behr Classic Silver (cabinets/mirrors).  Dusty Miller has one of those what-color-am-I-really features.  Sometimes it is gray, sometimes it is green, and sometimes it is blue.  It keeps me guessing.  I could drink the silver color, it is so de-lish. I started out just wanting to paint the mirrors with the silvery gray.  We had purchased dark espresso mirrors from Homegoods a few years ago , but they just felt too heavy for the Dusty Miller I'd already thrown on the walls. Once I saw the Classic Silver on the mirrors, suddenly I was putting it everywhere (I even repainted our master bedroom in the shade... more on that another day).

And my dream-on ideas:

Subway tile in white for shower and bath surround, carrera marble for countertops, and hexagon tile for floors.  (I said it was dream-on!).  New light fixture to replace old brass one like Pottery Barn's Covington Flushmount, and new faucets like Pottery Barn's Gooseneck fixture.  Cute striped bathmats in gray and white from West Elm, and fun polka dot ikat fabric for window valances.  

Oh to dream.......


Sweet Caroline said...

Girl!! I just went to your etsy site and I am loving your new abstracts!! If this whole house thing goes thru, I am definitely going to get you to custom make me one:) A BIG one!!

The Houston House said...

Thanks! I would love to! :)

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