Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is Good

I know it is an old saying, but geez, isn't life sometimes just ridiculously good?  I think so.  Even through the mud and the muck, life is always so darn worth it.  (Much like when Blakely pup is biting and nipping and reeking havoc through the house, she is undeniably stinkin' cute and loveable). Thank you God for giving us all this amazing journey. 

Lately, my life has been rockin.  This past weekend was no exception.  It started off with a night out with our good friends, The Dunaways, at North Point's live cd recording.

Ann and Me

Complete with food trucks.  Yum!  Although, one such mobile displayed a menu declaring its love for serving free range chicken.  This is Hub's immediate reaction; I cannot even believe I was able to capture it on camera.  Hilarious.  (and he will kill me for this perhaps, a risk I'm willin' to take to share with you). 

If you haven't experienced North Point Music, you definitely SHOULD!  These guys (and gals!) are nothing short of blessed.  I didn't grow up in a church environment like this one, so the music took me some getting used to.  But, I recognize talent when I hear it, and I quickly grew to love Buckhead Church and NPCC.  Unreal.  My favorite is Candi.  See for yourself:

I can't wait for the new cd to come out! And to top things off, last night hubs and I TOTALLY ran into her at McAlister's.  Oh my gosh, I'm such a huge nerd.  I wanted her autograph.  No, I didn't ask for it.

On Saturday I hosted a Stella&Dot jewelry show via stylist Brittany Robinson.  It was so much fun to get together with a few friends and ohhh and ahhh over the gorgeous summer line.  If you need any S&D, contact Brittany

Saturday night we had a neighborhood block party.  Who actually knows all of their neighbors?  I feel like ever since we got Blakely, we've met a lot more since our neighborhood is so dog friendly, and most people are out walking their own dogs.  Blakely has to run up to all of them, she is quite social. The block party was a great idea, now we have several more houses to names and faces.

And finally, on Sunday, Blakely graduated from her puppy class.  Ha, this just makes me laugh that they actually call it graduation.  However, we definitely took the opportunity to snap some pics of our furry pup. 

side note- Blakely has crazy zombie eyes! thank you camera flash.

The trainer gave out superlatives, and Blakely was voted "Class Clown".  No surprise to us or anyone else in the class.  She is our little goofy clown.

Look at that sweet face.  Like I said, life is good.


Ann in SC said...

Ashley, I LOVE the song Candi's singing and her voice is glorious. Can I get one of your church's new CDs? You are certainly blessed to have this quality of worshipful music !!

The Houston House said...

Yes, I will let you know when it comes out!! In the meantime, here is a link to the online store. http://store.northpoint.org/music/cds.html

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