Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If Dogs Were Rooms

Lately, my life has been absolutely consumed, yes, consumed, with puppy time.  Hubs and I have been puppy-hood'n it since we brought the little fur ball home with us.  From learning how exactly to raise a family member that isn't our own species, learning to sleep less, learning to deal with chewing more, and loving Blakely all at the same time, we have grown a lot.  I know people with dogs and/or children understand that.  When you go from just the two of you to an actual alive responsibility, um, stuff changes.  Fast! I realized I haven't been updating my blog or decorating my house hardly at all since Blakely came into the picture.  She's kinda been priority.  :)

I thought today I'd combine my two loves, interior dec and Blakely... errr just dogs in general for this post.  One of my favorite shows is Dogs 101 on Animal Planet.  It is so interesting to learn about different breeds and what they are bred for, what they are known for, and how they would measure up within your own family.  I started thinking, I wonder if dogs could be rooms in your house, what that room would look like? Would it be comfortable, bright, rustic, traditional, messy ( hehe ), tidy, subdued?  Well, after brainstorming something I'm sure no one has ever actually even thought of (yes, this is how my mind works), here goes...

Golden Retriever

Have you ever met a golden that wasn't happy?  Goldens are known for their friendly and exuberant nature, which makes them one of the most popular family dog choices (right next to my next category, the lab).  Goldens love to please and are eager to be around people, which makes a cheerful and welcoming living room ideal for my choice on this pup.  Plus, goldens love to exercise, and need about an hour of good exercise every day according to Dogs 101.  Hence the bike and running shoes.   

Labrador Retriever

Ahh, labs.  Aren't they great?  I can't believe I'm saying that and I have a lab puppy (those of you who've had lab puppies understand where I'm coming from! so cute, so much work, so worth it).  Labs are water dogs, with webbed paws, originally bred for their skill in hunting game and, you guessed it, retrieving fishing nets.  Like the golden, labs are part of the sporting dog category.  They also are friendly and devoted, and are eager to please.  Labs need to be around family members.  A rustic, relaxed lake house living room is definitely what my Blakely would be if she were a room.  She'd love to chew up all that rustic wood in real life, too. :)

The poodle.   Most people don't know, but poodles are also water dogs.  The great thing about poodles is that they don't really shed, however instead of the fur coming off, it becomes tangled and matted, which means the poodle demands a good cleanin' and groomin'.  When I saw this frilly and girly bathroom room, I immediately thought poodle.  No, not immediately, I'm not that crazy y'all.  But in doing the research for this blog post, I thought it to be a good fit.  The water room where we groom and clean.


Dachshunds were originally used to scent and flush out badgers and rabbits.  But, let's face it, not so much anymore according to most of the people I've talked to who own their own little "wiener" dogs.  My friend Michelle has two, and she says they are loyal and devoted companions who just want to snuggle and burrow into pillows and blankets.  After talking to Michelle, I knew a bedroom was it for this breed.  A cozy, long & narrow setting, filled with blankets and pillows.  Plus, dachsunds' coats can range from red-orange, tan, light beige, black, and even silvery gray, making this room's color palette a perfect match. 


I'm not going to post about this breed, I think this room is self explanatory why it's Dalmatian-firehouse-esque.

St. Bernard

Onto the extra-large working dog class, the St. Bernard.  Have you ever seen one in real life, they are massive.  The size of a small zebra or leopard.  Actually, bigger than that, ha ha.  Due to their large size and weight and extreme strength, St. Bernards were originally bred for rescue.  Aww.  They are so cute, I would bet they are still rescuing families, only in a different way.  St. Bernards were ranked in the top 10 for laziest dogs, doesn't that make you snicker a bit?  I can totally see these big guys just lounging around a bedroom all day (while chewing up your shoes). 

Westie (and Jack Russells, for that matter)

Onto one of my favorite mid-size breeds, the westie!  Aren't they so adorable?  This breed is known for its active nature and high social habits.  In other words, these little cuties love to play, play, play! And they will do it all day long, too.  Which is pretty fitting when I think about the westies I've come in contact with in my life.  One in particular, my friend Strass' dog Bailey.  I really do think he would run around until he passed out (and I'm sure Strass would tell you he does, and often).  Westies love toys (and they can be quite possessive of them), they love to play games, and they love to chase.  So, if a westie were a room, that buddy would definitely be a bright and colorful play room filled with hours of entertainment.

And that's a wrap for this silly little post.  I hope you enjoyed! What room in your house would your dog be?  Woof!

(all pictures are from Pinterest)


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