Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Gallery

Although I've somehow meddled my way into corporate America and become a licensed attorney, my first love always has been and always will be art.  When I was little, my dad used to draw pictures and let me guess what he was drawing.  He is quite the artist.  I loved this game.  And my dad's sister, my Aunt Ann, is one of the best artists I've seen.  I've always been blown away by her God-given talent. Her paintings look like photographs.  It's pretty unbelievable. See for yourself.
A few of Aunt Ann's paintings:

My skills are nowhere near the level of my aunt's.  But, I guess it is safe to say I came by my love of art honestly.  (I married into an artsy family, too,  my father-in-law Craig Houston of White Tent Event does some amazing work).  I love doing anything crafty, especially painting.  It's the only time my mind can completely shut off and daydream (although my husband would argue this happens more frequently, and that I have a slight touch of ADD because I don't like to focus on tv shows or movies, which is evidenced by the constant DVR rewind and plot explanation). My first "big" art project was a father's day gift to my dad. And, my Aunt Ann helped me get it done the summer after my 5th grade year.  It's a large painting of a Native American. Full headdress and all.  I guess my dad and mom both liked it because it is still hanging in their living room today, 17 years later.

In college I painted coolers for "fun" money.  I cannot tell you how many friends I helped out for their Greek mountain weekend getaways.  It was easy money for me, and I loved doing it! I wish painted coolers were still "cool" among my grown-up friends.  Sure would be nice to make some extra cash.  Ho hum.

After college, I didn't paint for a long time (this thing called law school.. not a whole lot of time for much else, although I did manage to still eat and sleep, occasionally).  After the bar exam, I had 3 months to do nothing but wait on results.  So, I picked up my paint brush again.  Here's a recap of the last year and a half.  The Bodie Houston Gallery on rewind (and it's easy to see where my roots are... SC... the south... the low country... coastal everything... how I love thee) :

I'm working on several really large paintings right now, some of the biggest I've been commissioned for thus far for sure.  I'll be sure to post those on the gallery's facebook page.  I'm thrilled people have actually been interested in my paintings, and I have been able to sell them.  Thank you all so very much for making this art-loving girl's dream of doing something she loves (even if it is on the side of my "day" job) a reality.  I am truly grateful.


Ann in SC said...

Ashley, I take my hat off to you. Smart, talented and artistic. I love your marsh paintings and the style you have developed.
I love the fact that you can sell your amazing feat for an artist.

You are too generous with your kind words, but I thank you for encouraging me to pick up a brush again. It's been way too long.

Aunt Ann

Ashley said...

I would love an Aunt Ann original in the Houston House! :)

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