Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Project Crooked Creek Updates

Updates over at the new farmhouse build- it's getting to the end, guys!! Although my client feels like it's dragging on and on. WHEN CAN I MOVE IN!? Ha!

The past few weeks introduced flooring, ceiling wood, paint, tile, lighting! Cabinets! So many good things! Countertops are being cut and fitted this week. The custom Bevolo outdoor lighting and gorgeous island pendants should be shipped this week. Plumbing next. Oh my! We may actually see this thing through, people! :) It's exciting!

More to come. This has been an amazing project to be a part of!! 

March move-in date? Fingers crossed. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dear Evans (6)

Dear Evans,

This birthday letter comes almost a month late, but life here lately has been mostly chaotic, to which you and your sister have contributed. :)

S I X! How do three little letters feel so big?

Off to kindergarten you went this year. That first day of school I was so worried you wouldn't make it to your classroom. Convinced you'd be lost wandering the woods of Ballentine all day long trying to find your way home. Being the sensible mama I am, I of course made your daddy call the school and make sure that you were in fact in the place you were meant to be. And, you were. Of course. Not wandering the woods, but discovering the big new hallways of elementary school. Without me.

I'm ok, I promise I am. I've had S I X years to prepare for this, after all. Chin up.

No longer sheltered by church preschool, and a drop off and pick up schedule that changed based on the weather.  No longer able to play hooky or stay in pajamas later if the desire may arise. And I do mean me, here.

You've taken off without any hiccups. I knew that you would. You've never been shy to a new friend group or situation. You've always been my brave girl. Now you're my brave girl that's also a giant. The squishy toddler is gone. Standing about as tall as me, and I'm only exaggerating by a little here. You tower over your classmates and it makes me chuckel. I know the days are numbered before I'm officially the shrimp of the house. You are my tall string bean. And so girly. The clothes, the makeup, the costumes. All girl. I see glimpses into your future and it both terrifies and thrills me.

Not ready. And I do mean me here.

I knew that starting "real" school would present new challenges and new worries. I pray every day that you are kind and that you would seek to include everyone. And I pray that others would have the same heart towards you. As I'm loading you up for carline, I'm loading you up with the -be nice today-s and the -make a new friend-s. You can thank your D Ma for that advice.

You'll come to realize your mom is right. And I do mean me here.

S-I-X. It seems little, really. You've got at least 12 more years at home, right?

One Sunday at church last year, while you were still in preschool, the pastor had a recognition day for kindergarteners. The kids and parents came up and were given a jar full of pennies. The pastor went on to explain that each penny represents each month the child would be living in the house before leaving for college. 12 months of pennies for the next 12 grades, or 12 years. The pastor then instructed that the parents should remove a penny at the completion of each month, slowly watching the penny jar empty, serving as a reminder of how short a time these children are at home. To parent, and appreciate, them accordingly.

Big gulp, and I do mean me here.

I love you so much my big six year old. I'm so proud of you.



Photo: Erica Carter

Photo: Erica Carter

Photo: Erica Carter
Photo: Erica Carter

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Santa's Helper- Big Girl Room

A client of mine asked me a few months back if I could help her and Santa out with a little project. She wanted to gift her daughter a new big girl room for Christmas. So fun! So I went over, took measurements and pictures, talked with my client about what she wanted, and got to work. 

Here's where the room started- it was basically a blank slate. She hadn't done anything in here since moving in recently. Blank slates are of course the easiest to design. You can do anything! This client was so trusting of me too so it was a breeze. Love that! 

My client wanted a room that felt light and airy, but her daughter loves unicorns, glam, gold, glitter, turquoise, and black & white. Creating a space for a child that they can grow with is KEY. I never want to design a kid space that feels kidish. Have fun and whimsical elements, sure, but not be overall themey or childish. That's not the way I roll. The other specific requests my client had were a homework area, a chandelier, and nothing too busy.  When I design for others, I always say let your walls breath. You need some empty spaces so your eyes have a spot to rest in a room. If you hang something everywhere, no one thing is going to shine, everything gets lost. So to me sometimes, less is more. Especially when you are after light and airy.

So, after a little brainstorming here's the design I came up with.  I wanted to paint the walls white so that everything we brought into the room would be the stars rather than the paint color. To add to the light and airy look, I suggested painting the ceiling a blue/green to suggest a sense of the outdoors. There's something calming about a blue ceiling that mimics the sky.  

A crystal chandelier, gilded mirrors and capiz shell art bring in the bling without being over the top or tacky. 

To add a touch of whimsy, a unicorn head is displayed on a small wall next to the bed. This is something that can easily be removed when little miss grows out of the unicorn phase. All of the furniture can grow with her as well. 

I suggested moving the bed in front of the windows. The windows look out to the neighboring yard, so it wasn't as if we'd be blocking an important view. To create the feeling of a larger window, we ran a 140" double curtain rod out from the windows, and hung both black out curtains for light control, and patterned sheers for added privacy. 

My client painted the ceiling and room about a month ago, and then my team of elves, Santa, and I got to work on the rest on Christmas-eve-eve. What a fun project this was! 

The little bench I found discount, recovered in Thibaut herringbone velvet 

Target accessories 

Home Depot mirror- demijohns from Tuesday Morning

My client's desk and chair from her childhood, passing down to her daughter.  Large bulletin board for all the things...

unicorn robe, obviously.

the chandelier is vintage from a local consignment shop. still works, shoo! 

capiz shell art, love the way the light bounces around 

Nightstands are also vintage.. which I had my client purchase from another client. LOL.  

updated bling knobs

Unicorn and mirror from Hobby Lobby 

The reveal on Christmas morning was PRICELESS. 

Thank you to my clients for trusting me from the start with this design and letting me execute it. I said paint that ceiling blue, and cover up the windows, and they didn't bat an eye. THE BEST CLIENTS!! 

Anyone using a designer, this is the best advice I can give you (and I think all designers would agree with me). TRUST THEM!! You hired them for a reason. Trust that they can deliver! And not to mention, you hired them for their FIRST choice, not their third or fourth. That's where an initial design starts to fall away. Don't let yourself down that slippery slope. :)  

OK- off to tackle the Christmas decor take down. Ooooph. Will I get it all organized this year? HA. Jury is still out!