Monday, February 11, 2013

Queen of Hearts Antiques & Such

This weekend was Scott's weekend in Atlanta, and sadly I didn't get a chance to make it down that way this month. But, I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors in Alpharetta. This place rocks. Have I mentioned I love other people's junk? Ha! There are a few locations around town, but the one in Alpharetta is closest to me in the burbs and it is HUGE. Row after row after row of eye candy. Here, let me show you...

big lanterns, and how cute are those birds, maybe for a bookshelf or on your mantel 

gorgeous antiques, but some are a little pricey.. like this chest that was around $900

Really cool chalk paint tables.. I wish I could remember this lender's name. Every time I go to Queen of Hearts  they have new refurbished furniture and chalk paints.. love 

Need a cornice?

Loved those vases, and the orange lucite tray that had an H on it already, it was begging to come home with me...

vintage baby stuff 

indoor/outdoor rugs that looked brand spanking new, both under $35.... I'm not lying.

the room of mirrors

a large black wingback, I've looked at this chair my last few trips to Queen of Hearts, hoping the price drops... so far it hasn't.

cane chairs, can you imagine redoing this little number.. 

I found a chicken! 

vintage metal milk cans

painted furniture

old suitcases and trunks were everywhere

"A" is for Ashley.. at least I thought it was an "A" until I realized it's a 4... I'm blonde... oh but I do love that black and white chair...

need a life size ruler? I believe this was around $40

and how cute are these! large scrabble tiles, cute for a bedroom or nursery... love... might make for a cute DIY project. 

and this number would have come home with me if the price were right.. navy and gold gets me every time. 

 and more painted furniture...

loved these lamp bases, distressed taupe and cream with a bit of gold

more taupe and cream, and sweet little crystal knobs

need a blue bench? love this color!

And after all of that, would you believe I didn't bring a thing back to Houston House? Instead, I ran over to Target... Nate was 50% off on Saturday... The heavens have opened ladies...

Oh, and have you seen the mirrors at Target? A few of them remind me of Ballard styles, except the Target versions are a little smaller.  Doesn't this look similar to the Bellesol mirror? I think so.

It was a fun window shopping Saturday to say the least. Sunday I got started on a new painting for a client. She wants a 2 panel abstract to hang on a large wall in her dining room. I've worked on other projects for this client before, so I sort of had a sense of her taste and style. She sent me a few pictures of their space along with wall color and basically told me get to paintin'... haha... love easy clients! 

Client's drapes

wall color is Behr Hallowed Hush 

here's my progress of the first 30"x40" panel in the set (iphone pics, sorry!)

a few close ups 

If you want more information about my work, or just want to drop me a line, or profess your love for other people's junk, or whatever strikes your fancy, you can contact me at Have a super Monday, each day is a day closer to Friday......


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

QOH in Alpharetta is my favorite store to go hunting. The room of mirrors is where I found my two vintage Ethan Allen sconces and I see the spots I took them down from are still empty.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

What a great find!!

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